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Receding/Bleeding/Swollen Gums Elk Grove, CA

Receding Gum Treatment

Your gums support and protect the roots of your teeth. When the gums are unhealthy, it can lead to tooth loss and other oral health problems. If your gums are swollen, red or receding away from your teeth, these are signs of unhealthy gum tissue. Protect your smile by seeking dental care to preserve gum and tooth health. Laguna West Dental Care in Elk Grove offers receding gum treatment to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

The gum tissue surrounds the roots of the teeth and provides protection and support. When bacteria accumulate on the teeth in plaque and tartar, gum infections can occur. Tartar on the teeth can irritate the gum tissue, causing it to recede away from the teeth. As the bacteria attack the gums, the tissue can become inflamed, causing it to appear swollen and red, bleeding easily when you brush your teeth or eat crunchy foods. To restore gum health, you need to stop the infection and remove the tartar from your teeth.

Relief for Bleeding or Swollen Gums

The good news is that receding, swollen gums can be treated, and healthy gum tissue can be restored. When gums are bleeding or receding, it is a sign of gingivitis, or early stages of periodontal disease. Our dental team can perform a thorough cleaning to remove tartar, even below the gum line. We also can prescribe special mouthwash to help fight the bacteria and stop the infection. With ongoing oral hygiene and dental cleanings, you can get relief from swollen, receding gums.

Keep your smile healthy by protecting your gums. Schedule your next dental exam and cleaning to evaluate the health of your gums. We offer treatment for receding or infected gums to protect your oral health.

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Our Patient Reviews

Laguna West Dental Care


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Suzanne B.

As I was walking to my car after my appointment I thought, I sure am happy I come here. I get warm friendly service and gentle, thorough care throughout my visit. Dr. Chan and his staff are the best.

Jennifer B.

We've been so very happy with Dr. You and his staff since we moved to Sacramento in 1985! We've followed him to the current location in Laguna...he and his staff take such good care of all our dental needs. I have no hesitation in recommending their services!

Stephanie O.

In my 65 years on the planet, and hundreds of hours in former dentists' offices, Dr. You and his staff are by far the best I've ever encountered. My very recent crown replacement was 100 percent pain free! All phases of treatment, from removal of the old crown, mold taking and making, to the permanent placement with my brand new well-matched molar, was seamless. I respect and applaud Laguna West Dental Care for taking such talented care of me.

Janet S.

Since retiring, I drive and hour and a half each way to continue to see Dr. You and his entire staff ... and I hate to drive. No better dentist and hygenists in Sacramento and I have tried others over the years. Thank you for a great experience each and every time Laguna West!

Norman H.

In my 50+ years, I've probably had 7 to 8 dentists and have had my share of bad experiences that made me fearful of going to the dentist. But, after switching to Dr. Chan in 1991, I really couldn't be happier and don't dread dental appointments anymore. Dr. Chan is gentle and exceptionally good at giving shots that I can barely feel. He even calls me in the evening after every procedure to make sure I'm doing okay. The staff is friendly and caring and the facilities are nice. Highly recommended.

Carol D.

We've been patients of Dr. You and Dr. Chan since my son was in kindergarten - now a County employee. Everyone on the staff is great. I had one bad experience with a dentist referred by my insurance co. - I'd NEVER see a dentist again without a personal referral. Consider this mine to you -- Laguna West is an excellent choice!